Welcome to the Towaco Civic Association.


The TCA was formed in 2006 as a non-profit civic group to promote community spirit, the beauty and history of Towaco.

Here you will find news about the neighborhood and groups in our town. Stay up to date and join us today.

We've had some of the street signs replaced. Don't they look great! Montville is following suit. Be patient as the balance of the signs will be done in the future. If you are interested in purchasing one of the old signs, place your bid in competition with the rest of the residents. Bids should be emailed to Kim Bott kimjbott22@gmail.com


Boling Springs CAP Program This program helped us purchase our new street signs, holiday decorations, daffodils and so much more.  Let's continue improving Towaco. THANK YOU to everyone who has an account designated to the TCA. Remember it doesn't cost you anything to designate your account. Boiling Springs pays our group a percentage based on your account balance. The identity & account balance of anyone who participates is kept anonymous. Stop by Boiling Springs Bank to sign up today. 

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Towaco Civic Association